Annie Adler

Private Investigator with poor people skills...but, tophat!


Annie’s original bio can be found at Annie’s Biography
Additional information can be found at: Annie from the Barnum Institute of Science and Horror

Her dog, Edison now with red boots !

Her new puppy, Gladstone.

Char Rolls Avg
Str 2d6 7 Sanity 65
Con 3d6 11 DamBonus -1d6
Siz 2d6-2 5 Weapon Bite 35%, dam: 1d6+db
Int - - Skills Spot Hidden 60%, Listen 75%; Scent something interesting 90%
Pow 2d6+6 13 MP -
Dex 2d6+6 13
HP 8
Move human(8)+4 Armor -1 thick hide

Lowered stats due to age:
Str 2d6 / 2d6+6
Siz 2d6 – 1 / 2d6 + 1
Bite 35/40; 1d6 / 1d8

She currently owns two mystical items:

  • Black cat’s tail, which she has fashioned into a necklace, and wears like a necktie.
  • A silver locket on fine metal chain. The Locket contains a hand-drawn picture on each side – on the left is a human, slightly younger Frau Trude with a hairpiece of yellow flowers; on the right is a pretty girl with long, golden, curly locks and a blue head-band.

Spells Known:

Charm Animal: cost 1 MP per SIZ of animal; lasts 24 hours. Animal treats the caster as a friend. When it expires, animal remembers nothing of its previous friendliness. No communication occurs. (pg 224 – core book).

Speak with Animal: cost d2-1 SAN + 1 MP per question/statement and response. The caster and animal must both be able to see the other’s eyes, and the caster must speak the question in a clear and understandable manner. (If the two are very close, whispering will work just as it does with normal communication.) The animal is not compelled to answer truthfully, nor is it compelled to respond at all. The answer will come in the most natural form related to the animal, based on the animal’s intelligence and familiarity with the question. For example, asking a woodland squirrel if a man with a gun walked by may be answered with a question such as “what is a gun”? Asking a dog with a wounded leg what is wrong may be answered simply with “my leg hurts”. Asking a badger threatening the party and defending its home anything at all may be answered with “Go away or I will attack you”. Observers will see and hear the caster speaking their native human language, and the animal responding with sounds appropriate to its type.


  • A blood testing kit, which has proved to be extremely accurate and helpful in solving several cases, including murders and simple robberies.
  • Very expensive, top-of-the-line Thomas Armstrong & Brother Limited binoculars with fine leather carrying case.

Annie Adler

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