Elmer Mannerly

A silver-haired, somewhat rotund man, Elmer is well dressed in the Southern style. His gaze is intense, he often subconsciously adjusts his cuffs.


Characteristics & Rolls

STR 11 DEX 9 INT 15 Idea 75
CON 13 APP 9 POW 14 Luck 70
SIZ 10 SAN 70 EDU 13 Know 65


Art 35
Bargain 87
Climb 50
Credit Rating 67
History 66
Jump 50
Occult 51
Other Lang: Navajo 35
Persuade 67
Psychology 69


Club aka “La canne” 40

Elmer’s original biography can be found at: Elmer’s Biography


  • An authentic Indian artifact acquired from a colleague who purchased it from the Bridgeport Museum and Cultural Center. The initials incribed into the base of the handle (J. P. Z.) – reference to Johann Peter Zeyler (Seiler), the Great Pow-Wow.


Elmer Mannerly

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