Nikoli Zinkoff

Polish Clairvoyant


Character Notes

  • Polish Clairvoyant – wears gloves to prevent touching of others and hearing unwanted sounds/voices from past and future events related to the person.
  • Receives audio, but also can converse with spirits that are present even though he cannot see them or feel their presence.
  • Member of the American Society for Psychical Research Work.
  • Owns a gift shop (of sorts) – it looks like a normal shop on the surface, but it is really a Curio shop. The shop does very well for a small personally owned business of this nature – annual income $2000.
  • Fluent in Polish, very familiar with Russian, English as a second language (21%).

Characteristics & Rolls

STR 9 CON 13 POW 15 Idea 75
DEX 11 SIZ 13 INT 15 Luck 75
EDU 17 APP 8 AGE 23 Know 85
SAN 75 HP 13 MP 15


Occupation Skill; Interest Skill

Accounting 50
Anthropology 50
Astronomy 11
Bargain 56
Credit Rating 40
Geology 22
History 50
Library Use 55
Listen 31
Occult 75
Other Lang: English 20
Psychoanalysis 30
Psychology 75
Spot Hidden 30
Handgun 55

Grandfather: Mitrofan Zinkoff
Grandmother: Ogla Anderson
Father: Benedict Zinkoff
Mother: Tamara Takolvna Zinkoff

Born in Lubuskie, western Poland, near the Notecka Forest in March of 1874.

He grew up playing in the fields and exploring the forest; however, he was careful not to visit the old German graveyard of Brandenburg – especially at night. “It’s haunted and very dangerous,” his mother told him. “Sometimes, those who trespass the resting grounds at night are never seen again!”

He was only 10 years old, when one night while exploring the forest, he lost track of time. As he entered a clearing, he realized that the sun was already getting low, and he was very deep into the woods. Knowing there were real dangers (such as wolves and lynxes), he headed home by the fastest route possible. The route took him near the old Brandenburg graveyard, and as he drew nearer, he heard voices in the distance. He stopped for only a moment, trying to make out the words, and everything went black.

He awoke on the floor of an old cabin, on the outskirts of the forest, just inside the treeline. It was nearly daybreak, so he ran home quickly and spent the majority of the next day trying to explain to his parents what happened.

Several times he tried to retrace his steps back, but could never find the cabin again.

From that day on, he would occasionally hear voices when no one else was around. He tried to ignore them. Then, one day, while walking through a closed warehouse office, an incessant mumbling voice annoyed and frustrated him to his limit. He shouted: “Why don’t you speak clearly? What do you want? I can’t understand you?” To his amazement, he felt something cold move to meet him, and a voice softly speaking: “The receipts are behind the desk. Tell them, they’re behind the desk.” Scanning the room, he saw an old, dusty desk near the far wall. He pulled it away, and found a few dusty and nearly crumbling sheets of paper: receipts for shipments of building supplies. As he reviewed the papers, the voice became silent.

As he grew, another paranormal “gift” started emerging. Occasionally, when touched by someone, he would get brief flashes of a vision. They flashed so quickly, it was hard for him to determine exactly what it was he was seeing. As he became older, he began being able to make out faces. Yet still, they blinked by so quickly he could almost never place the face with a name. One day, when he was 13, the school bully brushed past him, then turned and grabbed him roughly by the wrists: “You’d better watch where you’re walking!” he threatened. Then, seeing the terrified look in Nikoli’s eyes, he laughed, pushed him back, and walked off triumphantly. But Nikoli’s terror had nothing to do with the bully’s threats; he had seen a vision, a picture, very clear and visible the entire time he was being held. It was of a much older version of the boy who stood before him, standing in a dim cellar with other men, who were all holding rifles. A man and wife sat on chairs in the center of the room, surrounded by a few other men and women, and a couple young children. Guns fired, killing the man and woman – followed by a chaotic gunfire. He was sure the man was someone of great importance – he didn’t know why, but he felt strongly that he was a political leader and nobility, and the others were his family and servants.

That night he told his parents what he had scene, and how real the vision had been. They listened attentively and reassured him, but it was clear that they did not believe the vision was true. “It was just a nightmare,” they told him. “Sometimes the mind can play tricks like that.”

The vision plagued him for the next 5 years – still vivid in his memory. At the age of 18, he had saved enough money for transport, and relocated to the new Americas – in 1893.


  • A Russian cigarette holder made of pure silver with inlaid Russian double-eagle design that seems to never run out of cigarettes. Just before leaving for the states, Nikoli was compelled to go fishing. While walking across the old battle field that led to a large stream in the forest, he heard the ghostly voice of a soldier. The soldier led him to “his prized possession”, buried by time near the base of an old oak tree near the stream. He took it home and cleaned it well; that night, in a dream, smoke began billowing out of it. He awoke with a fright, but has never had the dream nor heard from the soldier since.


  • A gift from the pookas in the O’Doules barn:

Nikoli Zinkoff

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