Brien's Fashionable Footwear and Traditional Cobblery

This shoppe was opened by the leprechaun from the Barnum Institute of Science and History.


Due to its unpredictable business hours, the business primarily does most of its sales through “mail order”. This is a revolutionary idea in shoe sales, but has now become a popular trend for the upper-class of Fairfield for purchasing all commercial products. In addition, the shop has gained such high prestige and popularity, having provided nothing short of “unbelievably remarkable fit and comfort of shoes and other footwear ordered through the mail process”, few venture to the shop itself, and instead make orders solely through mail-order services available through printed advertisements.

One prominent client explained: “All I provided was an estimate of my shoe size; and yet, it’s like someone measured every detail of my foot to ensure the most comfortable fit ever imaginable. It’s remarkable! I was marveling at the embroidery on a pair of boots in the window display, and then placed an order for nothing more than ‘fancy low-cut boots’. Within a few days, I received the most perfectly tailored low cut ankle boots with the most astounding detailing I have ever seen, very similar to the artwork I had seen in the window display!”

Player’s, especially Douglas, please fill in more details here!

After the ordeal with helping establish the cobblery, Angus held his end of the bargain and helping him. Of course, seeing that he prefers bargaining more than a helping hand, Angus worked to make a deal with him on a steady flow of work and customers. Everything that the Cobbler Elf can do he will provide for both the police force and his Security business in terms of attire he shall provide at a discount. However they must exclusively go to him for uniform needs.

Angus will also provide the general idea for how he wishes the uniforms to look like, but primarily he is looking for functionality and professional attire. This should make steady work for him, and provide publicity that “he is the official Cobbler of the Port Chester police, and personal friend of Angus”.

This should drive prices down in terms of cost for the police station and the Security Business.

Douglas worked closely with the Leprechaun to sit up a stable business with minimal exposure for the creature. A working arrangement was set up with the aid of the legal firm that Douglas keeps on retainer whereby a company was established that the firm manages with directions received via letter signed “Loughman.” An account is hired to manage the books for the cobblery and arrangements are made for profits to be converted into gold coin at suitable intervals which are delivered discreetly to the store, hidden among normal shipments of raw goods.

The considerable expense of sitting all this up is footed by Douglas partially as a loan to be paid back by the cobblery and partially in exchange for learning a fire proofing spell from Loughman.

Once the business is established Douglas begins to purchase his and Annie’s footwear exclusively from the shop and occasionally stops in for a pleasant chat or to drive a bargain for historic lore from the Leprechaun.

Brien's Fashionable Footwear and Traditional Cobblery

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