Character Aging Updates

It has been several years since the characters encountered the mysteries of Barnum’s extraordinary collection; additionally, it has been even more time since they were first introduced to the horrors of the Mythos. As such, each character has had time to contemplate on their experiences and life choices.

Each pre-existing character should be properly aged:
- Angus, Annie, Douglas: + 6 years
- Elmer: + 4 years

This aging will push each of these characters into the next age bracket, giving them an additional Edu point. The additional Edu point equates to an additional 20 skill points; however, since we are using an optional method of gaining skill points through these years, these points should be ignored.

Instead, it makes sense that each character has become interested in additional areas of study. To capture this concept and allow the character to expand in their abilities and knowledge, each character gains additional skills and skill points prior to the start of this adventure (but after the aging skill points have been assigned).

Each non-new character (sorry Butenko) can choose 2 additional skills that they have not previously added skills points to. For each skill, they gain a number of check-marks equal to the number of years (rounded up) the character has been exposed to the mythos: characters that have played since “Feast of Fish” gain 6 check-marks; characters that have played since “Barnum Institute of Science and Horror” gain 4 check-marks.

For each check-mark, the players roll and follow the standard rules for improving skills.

Character Aging Updates

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