Character Updates

Nikoli Zinkoff

A Russian cigarette holder made of pure silver with inlaid Russian double-eagle design that seems to never run out of cigarettes. Just before leaving for the states, Nikoli was compelled to go fishing. While walking across the old battle field that led to a large stream in the forest, he heard the ghostly voice of a soldier. The soldier led him to “his prized possession”, buried by time near the base of an old oak tree near the stream. He took it home and cleaned it well; that night, in a dream, smoke began billowing out of it. He awoke with a fright, but has never had the dream nor heard from the soldier since.


Elmer Mannerly

Elmer’s research into the Hopi and Navajo intrigued him into learning more about Northeastern native American Indians as well. As such, he has also broadened his knowledge of the Chippewa, Iroquois, Lenape, Mohican, Nanticoke, Oneida, Ottawa, Powhatan, Shawnee, and Shinnecock tribes.

A colleague from the past (Lenny Oliver 53) contacted him regarding a rather interesting artifact: a leather-bound turtle shell ceremonial rattle. He wanted to meet at a coffee shop in Bridgeport named “The Bean Hut” on Windale Drive. Elmer agreed, and brought Angus along to help protect the large sums of cash he would be bringing.

Lenny knows only that it is “an authentic Indian artifact” but has no idea as to where it was discovered or what tribe it might be associated with. The only clue is initials incribed into the base of the handle (J. P. Z.) – reference to Johann Peter Zeyler (Seiler), the Great Pow-Wow. He knows it is authentic because he got it from the Bridgeport Museum and Cultural Center.


While discussing the purchase, Lenny offered Elmer some dried meat: “You really must try it; it is quite unique.” Elmer was suspicious asking: “What type of meat is this?” Lenny laughed, and disclosed that is is human flesh that he got from a travelling associate of his, who had purchased it from the aborigines of Australia. The man was invited to an interesting cannibalistic ritual. When one of their warriors dies, they “clean the body” removing the internal organs and thoroughly washing the body. Then, it is wrapped thoroughly in large leaves and put in a cool place for several days. There, the body naturally “ferments”. When the smell is noticeable from outside the leaves, the body is unwrapped, the meat carved into 1" thick strips, scrubbed thoroughly with salt, and then soaked in a heavy salty brine for a week. Afterwards, the meat can be smoked or even eaten raw. It is said to transfer some of the warriors strength and courage to the imbiber.

Elmer tasted the meat and found it irresistibly delicious: a good deal like pork, with a strange salty yet slightly sour (almost pickle-like) flavor. Elmer purchased both the meat and the rattle, finishing off the jerky quite quickly.

Douglas Lincaster

In mid Sept 1897, Douglas received a very interesting letter in the mail. It was signed by K. V., who stated that he was the owner of a one-of-a-kind book of incredibly interesting information.

“It is an ancient collection of excerpts from many titles, some of which are reportedly no longer in existence. I prefer not to discuss the particulars of the contents here, but will simply state that the mysteries within should not be studied lightly. As such, certain informants have told me that you may be interested in such works, and are also most favorably in the position to pay a fair price for it.”

After several clandestine communications and a single final meeting, He took Nikoli along to verify the book’s authenticity, and Annie to provide the necessary funds.

The binding was old cracked leather with an odd slight greenish tinge. A stamp on the interior of the cover indicated it was once the property of the British Museum of Antiquities. The pages were hand-written, which K. V. insisted was further evidence that it was “one of a kind”. The paper, ink, and style of binding suggest that it is a 16th century work – and a professional scribe, while not willing to attest to any specific date other than ‘roughly 300 years old’, insisted that it was indeed genuine.

No author was listed, and no title is apparent either. However, Annie noticed that the title was actually written in an almost invisible script, reading the first couple words (Indescribably Entities) before Nikoli turned the page.

Douglas acquired the book for the only slightly outrageous price of $600. After weeks of study, the title slowly became visible to Douglas, as well: Indescribable Entities, their Kin, Kind, and Powers Revealed.

It took several months to decipher and categorize the work, which was a jumbled collection of topics drawn from several other sources, including: Book of Eibon, the Key of Solomon, the Necronomicon, the Oracles of Nostradamus, and the Zohar.

The book had a tremendous impact on Douglas, causing him many sleepless nights and some waking nightmares. There is still much to be learned from the texts, but he has already gain a great deal of information:

  • Loss of d4/d8 sanity (now recovered)
  • +8% Cthulhu Mythos – entities discussed:
    • Baron Samedi, Avatar of Nyarlathotep and Lord of the Dead
    • Cthulhu, The Great Old One and Master of R’lyeh
    • Lloigor, the twin of Zhar, Great Old One of the Plateau of Sung and god of the Tcho-Tcho
    • Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods
    • Tsathoggua, the Sleeper of N’kai and god of the Blasphemous Serpent People
    • Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One, traveler of the planes
    • Zhar, the twin of Lloigor, Great Old One of the Plateau of Sung and god of the Tcho-Tcho
  • Spells:
    • Appease the Dead – calm a spirit and entice it to answer questions. 6 MP + 1d3 Sanity. 1 MP per minute. Forcing the spirit to answer a questions that the spirit does not want to answer requires a POW resistance check – if the spirit wins, the spell ends; in either case, the spirit will be angered and not want to answer any more questions – thus requiring another check for each subsequent question.
    • Circle of Concealment – creates a 5’ radius circle of distorted light around the caster that helps to conceal any within from view. It in no way muffles sound, and is useless to conceal anything but slow movement. 4 MP + 1d3 Sanity. Lasts 5 minutes.
    • Eye of Despair – causes a character to suffer an increasing sense of dread and despair that slowly builds over the course of several days. The caster must obtain a single hair from the victim, and then engage them in direct eye contact while holding the hair and expend 4 MP. If the victim fails a POW resistance check, they suffer 1 despair point and the spell can continue. If the victim succeeds, the hair becomes useless. Upon success, the caster must begin the ritual within 12 hours and repeat every 24 hours (repeat earlier does not increase the spell’s efficiency, but later dispels the spell). The ritual costs 4 MP and involves sitting in a quiet place, holding and staring at the hair, and chanting the incantation repeatedly for a minimum of 5 minutes. If interrupted, the caster can attempt the ritual again, provided it is within the required time period. Each day the victim must roll a (POW – Despair) resistance check; on failure they suffer 1d3 additional Despair points. As the victim’s (POW – Despair) dips decreases, they go through ever more debilitating depressive states: 9-10 despondent; 6-8 discouraged, depressed, and begin losing hope in all things; 3-5 uncontrollable fits of anxiety and major depression; 1-3 agoraphobia and paranoia; 0 = suicidal. At negatives, they become crazed, manic, paranoid schizophrenic, and violent. Depair points can only be removed through exorcism or remove curse.
    • Touch the Mind – reveals the most prevalent thought of the target. 4 MP + 1d4 Sanity and POW resistance. If the POW resistance fails, the target knows they have been psychically attacked (and must make a Sanity Check for 0/1d2).
    • Walk on the Wind – walk across wind as if it were solid earth. 8 MP + 1d6 Sanity. As long as there is any kind of breeze, the caster can walk through the air upon the breeze as if walking upon the ground. Walking straight up, of course, is not possible; and a steep incline slows movement as normal. Caster can walk 60’ plus 60’ per additional 1 MP spent.

Abdul Alhazred

Angus McAbis

The profitability of his security business has allowed him to make some special “business-related” purchases: some of the most revolutionary police equipment.

  • Pair of Bean Handcuff Company ratchet clasp handcuffs: Bean Prison and Bean Patrolman. The revolutionary design includes a unique release button that locks the cuff. This allowed the cuffs to be carried closed but unlocked. Once locked, the key was required to reset the button and unlock the cuffs.
  • Prototype of the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Co. of New York electric hand lamp or flashlight. It takes 3 D-cell batteries, the light is weak and battery-life is only a few hours. David Misell and Conrad Hubert recently began giving the new devices to the New York City policeman to gain feedback and, hopefully, testimonials. Somehow, Angus was also able to acquire one.

Feb 1, 1898 5am

Angus was awakened with a start as a small hand tapped his leg. Sitting up, he saw no one, and shined his flashlight at the foot of his bed. A small voice said: “You’re not going to try to shoot me, are you?” Frau Trude climbed onto his bed grinning widely. She had come to settle up with him and forgive all debts. “You and your friends have been very amusing, but I must be going back home now to attend to things there. As such, I’d like to settle our debts. You still have the eyes, I assume?” she grins. “I am willing to terminate our pact, if you are agreeable. You can give the eyes to me, or keep them – as you wish.”

As Angus began negotiating, she interrupted him: “It’s a shame what happened to your friend Johnny. I always liked him. There are certain things I could do, I have certain powers that could bring him back. I would be willing to do a little something like this, as a show of good faith, if you wish.”

After some negotiation, they made an agreement. Unfortunately, as Frau Trude does, she twisted Angus’ words and got him to state his demands in a way he had not intended: the pact would be terminated; Johnny would be brought back to life: 15 minutes before he died, in that state, no eyes; the girl could have a decent burial; and her family could come to the burial if they wished.

“I must heading off, now. It’s a long voyage back, and I have many things to prepare. Give my best wishes to Mary and Douglas. You have all been quite helpful. Oh, and give Annie a kiss for me.”

With that, she leaped off of the bed and ran out of the door. As Angus lay down to rest, he noticed a large lump next to him, under the sheets. It was the mumified skeletal remains of the young girl neatly lying beside him.

Meanwhile, roughly 6 years ago, Johnny was scouting out the tunnel to the Bunyip’s cave. As he turned a corner, he was suddenly run into by a man running out of the cave. It was himself, only his eyes had been torn out, and the blood vessels dangled and dripped down his cheeks. The image was startling, but vanish mere seconds later. Mostly unshaken, Johnny decided he would tell the others about the incident after they were all safely away from this place.

Annie Adler

Dr. Orkliff asked Annie to field test a new investigative device: blood-type analysis. He has determined that all humans, regardless of race, have one of four different blood groups:A, B, A/B, and O. The blood group is passed down from parent to offspring. When the parents’ blood is of differing groups, the offspring receive one of the two at random. He has found that while some types can be mixed without any adverse reactions, (e.g., during blood transfusions required in some medical operations), mixing of other types can be deadly to the individual.

Furthermore, he has determined that animal blood (cat, dog, vermin) is of different classes, meaning that blood samples can be used not only to help distinguish between human and animal attacks and crime scenes, but to provide additional corroborative evidence for placing a human subject at a specific crime scene.

Dr. Orkliff provided Annie with a test kit, which has proved to be extremely accurate and helpful in solving several cases, including murders and simple robberies.

Dr. Orkliff has also claimed to discover a particle in human skin he calls “Melanie’s Nucleotide”. He claims it is responsible not only for initial coloration, but protection from elements such as solar rays. He believes that darkened pigmentation (or “tan”) also promotes protective biological measures such as increased flow of restorative elements which, if fully understood, could counteract more intensely damaging effects such as fire and acid.

GM NOTE: Dr. Orkliff is currently in Vienna, Austria working with the University of Vienna Director of pathological-anatomical institute Anton Weichselbaum, and his assistant Physician Karl Landsteiner. They are working to refine the research and publish papers to help further the science.

As part of her investigative work, Annie has also procured very expensive, top-of-the-line binoculars:

  • Thomas Armstrong & Brother Limited binoculars with fine leather carrying case.

Feb 1, 1898 5:30 am

Annie awakes to the sound of Edison growling and a scratching sound. Is it that damn cat again?! she said harshly.

A small, old voice answered: “Hi deary. I didn’t mean to wake you. But I couldn’t leave without saying good bye. I’ve actually just finished a note for you.”

After a short, terse conversation in which Frau Trude asked for the cat’s tail back, and Annie refused, Frau Trude said that she must be on her way. She warned Annie about taking care of her things while she was gone, and that she would be back for them at some point.

On the desk Annie found a beautifully penned hand written note on the Adler & Lincaster stationary which read:

Dear Annie, Please forgive my intrusion. I have pressing business and did not want to wake you, but could not leave without saying goodbye. My affairs here are done, and I will not be back for some time. I know that you have certain items of mine that are quite precious to me. However, for now I can think of no safer place for them than in your care. Keep them well and in good shape, for when I am finished I will return to retrieve them. One, in particular, holds precious memories for me, and I will be very upset if it becomes damaged in any way.

It has been great fun, and you have all been quite helpful. Say goodbye to Douglas and Mary, and give Angus a kiss from me.

See you again soon,

Mother Hilde

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