Elizabeth's Book Store and Faith Shoppe

Elizabeth Miller’s shop.

A single room shop with many book cases, tables, and decorate wall hangings. The walls are lined with bookcases, and several small tables are scattered throughout. Many of the shelves are bare, but others contain Bibles and other Christian paraphernalia. Most tables are empty, although a few have small Jesus, Mary, and other figurines. A table in the center contains a beautiful Nativity Scene carved of dark brown pecan wood.

The far right wall contains a counter with a wooden store-front sign lying on it that reads, on three lines: “Elizabeth’s Book Store – and – Faith Shoppe”. On the wall over the counter with the cash register is a framed photo with a caption that reads: " Williams Lutheran Church – erected 1877".

Inside the cash register is a tray with some blank receipts in the left-most long compartment, and a key in the small coin compartment in front of it. Under the tray is a collection of receipts. One in particular reads:

Elizabeth’s Book Store November 2, 1868
And Received of Rev Sean O’ Connor
Faith Shoppe One and 00/100 ~ dollars
Williamstown, PA Notes: 1 fancy prayer bead necklace – Paid in full


Elizabeth's Book Store and Faith Shoppe

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