Giant's Peak

So called because of the large number of large bones found nearby in the Giant’s Graveyard.

The main cave lies roughly 100’ up the mountainside, where the the opening is covered by hanging vines. The walls near the entrance are covered with wall-climbing vines and moss swarming with small beetles. Further into the cave reveals that the walls are covered with many strange cave paintings.

The left wall contains electrical drawings of circuits and other advanced electronics. The right wall contains images denoting the universe, galaxy, and solar system (with 8 planets and an odd 16.000 year orbital 9th planet). Wall paintings closest to the entrance are destroyed by aging and undecipherable.

In the far back, high on the wall, is a balance type drawing with a central beam holding two other beams level. They each have dots, dashes, and ellipse symbols: the lower left and right beams have the same symbols, and between them is a symbol of the sun. Beneath these are two strange ant-like figures: the one on the left is standing, the one on the right is lying down.

Below this is an image of three rocky outcrops divided by lines. To the left is the Witch Head rock with the Indian sigil for ‘healing’ or ‘healer’. In the center is Giant’s Peak with 2 sigils: on the left is the symbol for ‘the dead’, and to the right of this is the symbol for ‘buffalo’. To the right is another rock with the sigil of ‘The Great Spirit’ resting on the head of an ant-like humanoid that is ‘Resting’.

Giant's Peak

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