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Williams Township

Mythos Creatures

A “horse pulling a carriage while walking can go 3 to 4 miles per hour, depending on terrain”
A wagon might do 15-25 miles in a day if it was being pulled by horses or mules.

The walk from Williams Township to Hexenkopf Rock is roughly 2 miles SW – a 1 hour walk.
The walk from Williams Township to Easton is roughly 5 hours (3.75 miles, but difficult due to terrain and necessity to cross the Lehigh River). Round trip is 1 day.
A horse from Williams Township to Easton is roughly 2 hours (due to the terrain)
Coach from Easton to Bridgeport, CT is 6 days.
Mail would travel from Eaton to Bridgeport, and then down to Fairfield – 7 days.

The Lenni Lenape

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians
Lenape language resource
Nanticoke (“Tidewater People”) originated from the Lenape, whom they call “Grandfathers” or “Ancient Ones”. The Nanticoke (Lenni Lenape) are feared for their knowledge of herbal poisons
Tribal bands (Cohansies): Siconese, Sewapois, Narraticon, Alloways, Kechemeches, Tuckahoes
They often use the phrase “the almighty creator”

The current Lenape tribes are divided into 3 major nations with 3 different totems:

  • Minsi Nation: Northern “People of the Stony Country” with Wolf totem
  • Unami Nation: Pennsylvania and mid-Delaware “People Who Live Down River” with Turtle totem
  • Unalachtigo Nation: South Eastern “People Who Live by the Ocean” with Turkey totem

The symbiotic relationship and stasis was disrupted by the arrival of the Europeans. The Europeans displaced the Lenape, and began intentionally killing off the buffalo since they knew it was a major resource for them. Consequently, bison have been driven to near extinction, and their range dramatically reduced by 1870. The lifespan of a bison is around 20 – 30 years, meaning that the bison that were already in captivity are now a minimum of 28 years old. This means they are, and have been dying, and the power-stasis has been lost. As the available power has been reduced, the batteries have been providing the difference. For several years now the bison have been dying due to natural old age. With many of the bison dead, the batteries have been supplying the extra energy required and are now nearly drained!

Current and Future Events

The winters are becoming colder, and a major crisis is imminent. There will be massive storms in the winter of 1898/1899: first, the New England storm of Nov 26th that hit New York, CT, and Mass; followed by the Great Blizzard of 1899 that began Feb 12, and crippled the U.S. with arctic temperatures as far south as Texas and Florida.

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