Inside Hexenkopf Rock

Level 1

The stairwell leads to a roughly hewed round 10’ tall corridor. The corridor branches into 3 paths.


The center dead-ends to a storage and manufacturing facility of sorts. This is where the money, clothing, and other items are manufactured.

On the far wall to the left is a large 3′ × 3′ glass window with handle that opens outward. Beside this is a metal panel with a single button. It is a laser-based dis-integrator, with laser arm and re-uptake tube.

Beside this is another 3′ × 3′ glass window with handle that opens outward. Beside this is a small hole (microphone), a small square black touchpad (mouse) and above these a 5’ square glass-like object (display). The device is a 3-D printer, operated by speech (Anunnaki language only).

Along the right-hand wall is a long table that contains folded western clothes: shirts, pants, socks, belts, hats, boots, gloves. Also, four large stacks of US Silver Certificate currency in $1, $2, $5, and $10 denominations.

The Power Chamber
One leads to the 50′ × 500′ power chamber, which contains 4 rows of 100 bathtub-style glass covered tanks that hold the bison – layed out horizontally, oldest in front. 2 rows of tall columns every 50’ (18 in all) support the ceiling. Each tank is connected with tubes that run into conduits that run along the wall and then into the floor after every 5 rows. Inside the tub, small tubes run from the larger tubes and into the creature, which floats in a strange, thick liquid. Near the back of the chamber is where townsfolk will be found in place of the bison – SANITY 0/1d3. On the side of each tub is a small metal box with three buttons which will open and close the glass lid (slides to the left and down), or dump the contents to the lower Food Stores area.

The Anu-Na Warriors
The other passage leads to the hall of warriors. This chamber is also 50′ × 500′. There are no large columns; instead, the ceiling is supported by 11 long 4’ square metal beams that run from wall to wall at 40’ intervals starting 30’ into the chamber. The floor is translucent, and makes an odd hollow sound when walked across. It is actually composed of a grid of 10 × 62 chambers of size 5′ × 8′. Each chamber has a small button in the top right corner. When pressed, the covering pivots open and drops, revealing and awakening the Anu that sleeps within. A light moved closely to the floor will reveal the rows of sleeping creatures beneath. The first row contains many empty cells, the other rows contain warrior Anu-Ku. The last rows are empty as well, due to standard population variations.

On the opposite side of the room is a short corridor ending in a stairwell that leads down 40’.

Level 2

The Food Stores
As investigators round a bend, a dim bluish light can be seen coming from beyond, and a slight moisture can be felt on the skin. The corridor opens into a large, damp 500′ × 500′ cavern with 30’ tall ceilings, and natural stalactite/stalagmite formations 5’ to 8’ in diameter at their base that support the ceiling. Moisture drips from the ceiling and walls. Fungus and mold grows on the walls and ceiling, and emit a natural phosphorescent pale blue and ultra-violet light. Hard green molds and white phosphorous crustacean type vegetation abounds. This is one of many food stocks that riddle the massive underground around and between the various Anunnaki civilizations. Large, thin, metal boxes and scraping materials sit near the exits: 2 to stairwells leading to the lower level, and the 1 that leads to Level 1.

Level 3

The Anu-Ni and Anu-Ku
One stairwell leads to a long chamber with multiple 40′ × 60′ glass encased hewed out rooms. The corridor passes between two rows of rooms, 10 rooms on each side. A 2’ wide stone wall divides each room with a small metal plate and button to open/close the nearly imperceptible 5’ wide door within the glass front. Inside each room, sleeping on the floor, and multitudes of young, adult, and slightly aged Anu-Ku.

The Anu-Na
The other stairwell leads to a short corridor that opens into a grand 100′ × 100′ chamber of smoothly polished walls and ceiling. The side walls contain 8 equally spaced standing chambers: each containing an aged Anu-Na wearing black robes. Beyond these, at the far corners of the chamber, are 2 exquisite white statues of proud looking Anu-Na in prestigious robes:

  • one holds a large opened book in one hand; the other hand is bent at the elbow with the index finger pointing upwards.
  • one holds a large spear that has been busted in half, and an almost ape-looking human child in the other.
    Next to each statue is a stairwell that leads to an upper balcony area. In the center of the wall above are 3 standing chambers. Inside each is an aged Anu-Na: the left and right one wear light gray robes; the one in the center wears a white robe.

All chambers can be opened by pressing the button on the small panel beside each chamber.

The Anu-Na-Ku-Na
The Anu-Na wearing white is the Grand Master and Voice of Anu – Kazune Haxetiquol. Only the Anu-Na-Ku know the existence of, and secret to opening, the secret door that resides inside the Grand Master’s chamber. (Beyond this lies the deep stairwell to “The Almighty Creator” and “Keeper of Life” – H’yig.

If the investigators can make some sort of deal with him, he will explain that "the Protector does not follow the teachings, in doing what he does. I fear he has fallen from “the way” and will not stop, now. You must appeal to The Almighty Creator. If he perceives your truth, he may know how to help you and your people. But if he perceives deception, you will surely suffer a horrible death."

Level 4 – H’yig

Stairwell leads down to a large circular area 100′ × 100′ with 30’ circular pool of purplish-black liquid bordered by a 1′ × 1′ border. If approached, the water will begin to ripple, then boil, then begin to spill out over the edges. As the water hits the floor, it will form into countless black snakes wriggling and writhing (SANITY 0/1d3). Then, a large 15’ wide scaled head will slowly emerge from beneath the surface of the water. It is H’Yig (SANITY 1/1d4).

“Why have you disturbed the great cycle of existence. Already, ripples and rents threaten the framework of all physical things.”

He can bring himself in tune with the Grand Master and Voice of Anu. He will know what the investigators have told him, and any other thoughts the Grand Master might have.

“For a time I am Hyig; I awake to create and teach; for a time I am the Bison; I sleep to gather energy and solidify the framework. For eons the cycle has repeated: Hyig-Bison, Hyig-Bison; providing the nourishing mesh upon which all is anchored!”

“Your people made treaties with the Lenape. Your people broke those treaties. Your people poison the land and extinguish the natural species. Why should I help you stop him?”

“Even if you can stop the Protector, you and your people are doomed. The power of the framework is waning. As more bison die, it will fail. It will no longer be able to support the sleeping Anu, and they will all be awakened too early. They will be driven away from the cycle of H’Yig, which they will never forgive. Even worse, unless the balance is restored, the framework itself will fail and the shield will falter – the sun’s poisonous rays will scorch the earth and all living things upon it, bringing a great extinction long before the end of this fifth world is due.

“If what you say is true, the Protector has truly fallen from the path and must be stopped. Vengeance and greed are powerful motivations, and hard to refuse once they have taken root in the soul. I will ask the Grand Master to awaken Tamarog to accompany you; he can discern truth from lies and validate what is said, but he cannot challenge the Protector’s authority directly. You must strip him of his authority; you must discredit and challenge him before the others.
[You are young, and therefore command little reverence – | – You are old, so others will respect your wisdom], but being of the same white skin of those who have lied and betrayed the people, it will be difficult to persuade them to trust your words.
If you had some symbol of authority, it would help your credibility. As is, I wish you luck, and should you fail, I will do my best to reset what is right when I awaken again.”
I must warn you, he will not submit easily and if he senses his authority waning he will become violent. The Anunaku are strong, and difficult to hurt, but they do have one weakness – a small patch near the base of the back of the head. There, the armor is weak.

Wake cycles:

  • 6/8/1224 – 7/24/1421
  • 9/8/1618 – 11/5/1815
  • 12/21/2012 – 2/7/2210

1778: treaty signed
Nov 5 1815: Anu go to sleep (Dec 21, 2012)
1830: no more bison in Penn

Chief Tammamend is the direct decendant of Chief Tammany (1625 – 1701) the affable. Knowing the great troubles they would have with the outsiders, we helped the natives by instilling Tammany’s traits into one who could become a chief and leader equal to the challenge. (1770 – present).

Chambers hold 400 bison: they die at a rate of 1 to 3 per year. 135 chambers are empty. At only 2/3 power, the system cannot be sustained.

Inside Hexenkopf Rock

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