Judd Crannel

Old Hermit, of sorts. Lives North of the trail that leads to Hexenkopf rock. West of Springfield Rd, south of the Cider Press Rd connection, West by SW of Wolbach Grist and Saw Mill.

He is sitting on the porch drinking a bottle of beer when the investigators arrive. “Ha, I knew I’d be getting visitors today. Want’a beer; I make it myself?” He will also offer them food.

Pinned inside, above the door frame, is a sprig of mistletoe.

Simple cabin with 4 wooden chairs and a table in the center, a bed and dresser in the back left, and kitchenette in the back right. Center of the back wall is a fireplace with a pot of stew simmering over the fire. Long strands of drying meat hang over it, turning into jerky. A meaty stew cooks over the fireplace flames.

Gretel (Kitchen) told him about the Indian that had accosted Sarah Goodfield.

Out back he has a storm cellar locked with a large padlock.

Behind the cabin is a small smoke shed which is locked with a simple latch. Inside are several hanging sausages. In a far corner is a blanket covering 3 large glass jars that contains skinned heads soaking in brine with pickling spices in the bottom: an old woman (Bernice Keepsake), an old man, and another man with a nasty gash across his cheek.

He knows that Dr. Seiler (John III) used to go to the rock. One day, while playing North of town, he saw Dr. Seiler riding West with a sick child. He followed him into the woods and to the rock, and watched at a distance. He saw him place his fingers on the rock, and then slide his fingers across it; he did this a few times, and the ground opened up and a strange bluish glow came out. Then, these strange creatures started coming out of the ground. That scared the tar out of him, so he ran off.

Judd Crannel

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