Lenape Burial Grounds

On the road that runs North-South between Williams Township and Raubsville Rd, an unkempt trail leads West to the burial grounds. It is strangely quiet walking down the path, for very little vegetation grows once you travel around the rock’s South Eastern end. The edges of the burial ground are marked by small stones that used to form a ring around the area. Now, the stones have mostly been relocated; however, an observant traveler will notice the sparsely populated ring that still surrounds the area. The land inside is flat and sparse with only dead and dried sage brush growing inside. A few tall poles belonging to tripods that have fallen long ago can be seen as they pass through the area.

Inspection of the mountain’s rock wall will reveal Lenape Indian pictographs of people, stars, and other strange symbols of triangles and wavy lines – Delaware Indian symbolism. These are carved into the rock, and some painted on with a faded white paint.

In the center near the mountain thistle brush grows surrounding and amongst the “Giant’s Graveyard”. This is where the children of Williamstown have found massive bones in a tall dirt mound, and hidden among rocky debris on the slopes of the mountain itself. On the side of the mounds are 5 freshly dead bison in various states of decay – some clearly less than a couple weeks old – although bison have not been present in this area for over 60 years (1830), and were scarce even then! Careful examination of the bodies will reveal that they are all very old, and yet have no wear on their teeth. In addition, each has a small puncture wound on their front left and right inner leg.

On the rocky wall next to the graveyard, Lenape pictographs of a bison can be found. Beneath, covered by dead vegetation and loose dirt, is Lenape writing.

Just past the graveyard and past additional pictographs is a large rock with a circle within circles. Above and beyond the rock is a hidden path that winds up about 100’ to the cave. The way is blocked by ice-covered rocks, the result of what appears to be a purposely created landslide.

On the way back, as the investigators reach the Giants Graveyard, they will begin to hear threatening growling. 4 extremely large coyotes lie crouched near the ground. They are about twice normal size, roughly the size of a large gray wolf.

An additional 6th dead bison now lies next to the others.

Lenape Burial Grounds

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