Letter from Easton Bank to Baum's Bank

Easton Bank and Trust
27 North Collier St.
Easton, Pennsylvania

December 10, 1868

Baum’s Bank and Trust
Records and Bookkeeping

Our records indicate that Secure Personal Storage box #19 is nearly three months delinquent for payment. A letter has also been sent to the renter informing him or her of the delinquent status. If full payment has not been received by January 1, 1869, please dispose of the box’s contents per company policy and mark the rental agreement as cancelled due to abandonment.

Please respond to this letter in writing, along with either the full payment or confirmation that the box has been made available for a new rental agreement, no later than January 5, 1869.

Best regards,

Phillip Reinhold
Chief Financial Officer

Letter from Easton Bank to Baum's Bank

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