Letter from Frau Trude to Annie

Adler & Lincaster
Investigations and Consultation
35 Baker Lane
Fairfield Connecticut

Dear Annie,

Please forgive my intrusion. I have pressing business and did not want to wake you, but could not leave without saying goodbye. My affairs here are done, and I will not be back for some time. I know that you have certain items of mine that are quite precious to me. However, for now I can think of no safer place for them than in your care. Keep them well and in good shape, for when I am finished I will return to retrieve them. One, in particular, holds precious memories for me, and I will be very upset if it becomes damaged in any way.

It has been great fun, and you have all been quite helpful. Say goodbye to Douglas and Mary, and give Angus a kiss from me.

See you again soon,

Mother Hulda

Letter from Frau Trude to Annie

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