Letter from Mary McMullin


Mary McMullin
home of Doctor Miller
Williamstown, Williams Township, Pennsylvania

January 28, 1898

Dear Betty:

Forgive my trickery, but I wanted this letter to look like a medical matter to anyone else who saw it, so I have had to address it to Dr. Orkliff. But I knew you would oop open any letter to the doctor marked “Urgent”.

I need your help, and the matter is truly urgent! I have found no signs of the town doctor – but that is the least of my worries. I am very concwrn concerned with the things happening in this city. I have seen things that don’t make sense, and others that disturb me deeply. I do not want to put too much in writing, so I’ll simply say that I believe there is more going on than what it might seem to most. I fear that tthe the truth, if I were to uncover it, woulf would bring back memories and anxieties that I have worked hard to suppress these last 5 years and 3 months.

Please take this letter to myol my olf olf friends from Raven’s Head Tavern – the ones that were with me when we first met. I need their help to uncprt uncover and resolve what I fear could be something terrible. If they agree to come, please pay for there their travel by rail or stagecoach – whichever they prefer. Send them with medical supplies, and expense all costs. Once I explain the details, I’m confident Dr. Orkliff will not hesitate to approve it when he returns from Vienna. More specificll specifically, I need bacillius, creosote, lime or plum juice, clove powder, bandages, gauze, and tape.

God Bless,

Mary McMullin M.D./M.S.

Letter from Mary McMullin

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