List of Clues

Before Williamstown

  • Frau Trude says: “My affairs here are done” and “I must be going back home now to attend to things there”.
  • Frau Trude told Angus to “give Annie a kiss for me”; she told Annie to “give Angus a kiss from me”. (Note the preposition change: For vs. From). Also, Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day) is right around the corner. Hmmmm????
  • Mr. Loughman says that the winters are growing worse. “You must prepare. This next winter is going to be horribly cold!”
  • Frau Trude signed her letter to Annie “Mother Hilde”. Hilde is an old prussian woman who runs Ma’s dinner in Williamstown.

Doctor Miller

  • The doctor in Williamstown (Dr. Miller) regularly travels to Easton to purchase supplies, late last December the doctor did not return from his supply run. (Repeated by both Keepsakes and the Barkeeper.)
  • Although the investigators were told that Dr. Miller travels to Easton to purchase supplies, his own record books show that he receives a delivery every month. The last delivery was Dec 23rd, 3 day prior to him leaving town to supposedly pick up supplies.
  • Dr. Miller’s office supplies are much lower than would be expected from the time that has past. The record book shows a recent delivery, and has an entry for another doctor (Relgad)
  • Dr. Miller’s appointment book only accounts for half the supplies that have been ordered.
  • Every month there are no appointments during the first few days of the last week of the month.
  • A second set of patient log books were found in Dr. Miller’s bedroom. The run the dates of July 1894 to Feb 1884 and Jan 1884 to Aug 1874. Patients are only seen during the first three days of the last week of each month, and while treatment is listed no names are used.
  • There is no entry in the main log book for Stephanie and Goodfield. Old lady Keepsake was treated in Sept and in July for normal complaints.
  • John Peter Seiler III and Elizabeth Jean Miller were wed on Jne 12, 1857 by Reverend Johann Tammamend, and witnessed by Judd Avery Crannel, Hildegard Rumbacher, and Simon John Plant.
  • Dr. Miller was born to John Peter Seiler III and Elizabeth Jean Miller on July 10, 1857.
  • Dr. Miller’s house has two old photos. One of a man in a nice suit with S cufflinks, the other of a woman with long blonde hair and a child. The back of the man’s photograph says “J. P. S. III – July 10, 1867”. (Any relation to the JPZ on the back of Elmer’s rattle?) The back of the woman’s “Elizabeth Miller and her adopted son John – July 10, 1867”. A finely painted clay turtle tchotchke was found between the photos.
  • When Dr. Knightly came to town, the first thing he did was to pawn most of Dr. Seiler’s belongings. The Pawn Shop owner, Wessel (age 59), put most of the things aside to allow “Little Johnny” to buy them back. The only thing remaining is the Seward chest, which is empty except for several long blonde hairs – and indication that Elizabeth emptied it prior to it being pawned.

Sick People

  • Recently after being found confused and disoriented in the morning, the General Store owner’s mother passed away several days later. Old lady Keepsake took ill the day Dr. Miller left (Dec 26). The doctor from Raubsville, east of Williamstown where the mining is done, tried to treat her before her death but couldn’t help. The General Store owner blames Dr. Miller’s frugality for his mother’s death: fetching supplies himself instead of paying for delivery.
  • A ranch hand from the Loghaire ranch, southeast of town, was found standing outside having cut his leg open with an axe while chopping wood. He seemed confused and said nonsensical things while being treated by Mary. When Annie tested his blood it clotted with all four of the testers, something she hasn’t seen before even with animals. Further experiments ruled out contamination in the test bottles and in the bandages the blood was taken from.
  • A boy (Frank) came to Mary worried that his parents had dementia.
  • Bear Roughman, along with two other men, brought in an injured man from a bar fight. The man was very confused and had a compound fracture of the arm. He seemed to feel no pain as Mary set the bone and stitched him up.
  • Ellie’s friend Miss Stephanie is acting weird and confused. Hasn’t been sleeping much for a few weeks. Miss Stephanie is found in the schoolhouse passed out from over work.

Possibly Missing People

  • The town needs a new handyman after the last one left in the spring last year. After begging for money he went south saying there was family trouble: something to do with a relative running afoul of the law. His house is currently abandoned.
  • The Goodfield’s boy ran off a few weeks ago. He hasn’t been seen since.
  • In mid-December three broke strangers came into the saloon. After disappearing for three weeks they returned with lots of money and spent it like it was meaningless to them. They haven’t been seen for a few weeks.

The Sheriff and his Deputies

  • The sheriff was very interested in what the unkempt teenager said to Elmer and was seen heading after the boy with two deputies.
  • The three deputies are new to town. They often leave, through the North gate, at sunset and return early in the morning. It appears that they might be looking for something, possibly gold.
  • When Mary went to the Sheriff’s station after treating the man from the bar fight the deputy said he left to check on the saloon. She found at the saloon that the Sheriff had never shown up. Later she saw him returning to town via the North gate. The following day, in the evening, three new deputies arrive in town.
  • The Deputies are patrolling the roads outside of town and are very suspicious of anyone found near the woods. Warning everyone off with tales of big cats found there.
  • Large cats have been hunted to extinction in this area, with the last one sighted in 1891. One deputy was very concerned when inviting scholars in to study the local big cats was mentioned.

The O’Doules

  • Wilbur, a talking pig, is found on the O’Doules farm. The children love him, but the parents don’t believe their tales of him talking. Wilbur was born scrawny and sickly but now is a very large and healthy animal.
  • Pooka are infesting the barn where Wilbur is kept. One of them was very interested in taking something “evil” away from Angus.
  • U’na, to whom the package from Loughman is addressed, appears bespelled. She was struck dumb some time ago, possibly a stroke, but shows no surprise about the antics of the Pooka and Wilbur or Angus showing up with a package. She repeatedly refuses to take the package from Angus.
  • The Pooka fight over the shoes when Angus leaves the package open on the ground.

The Rock

  • The cougar will not approach the rock formation becoming agitated and fleeing from some distance away.
  • A large rock formation, that appears to be shaped like a witch’s head is found in the woods the Deputies tracks lead to.
  • Signs of people and horses are all around the rocks.
  • A circular polished black magnetite stone is impossibly fussed into the rock formation. On the opposite side of the formation there is debris that contain chunks of more black magnetite.
  • A large stone “altar” sits in the middle of a u-shaped impression in the formation. Made of similar but different stone there appears to be lines that suggest it slides into the formation.

Other Odd Sightings

  • Brutus is the town loudmouth. He is prejudiced and starts causing trouble when he drinks too much. His boss will typically step in to keep him in line.
  • Angus dreams that he has to deliver a package and finds a strange lump on his arm.
  • When Angus has his arm looked at by Mary she says it appears that he has had his blood drawn.
  • Douglas dreams of a familiar beach and gets this from an otherworldly source. “Elizabeth holds the key. But you will not fully understand until you know what the old ones know and have deciphered the words of those who have served.”
  • Hilde, runs Ma’s diner, may know where Elizabeth’s remains are. Gretel, the librarian, may also know.
  • The town’s church was never finished, and Raubsville’s church has closed.
  • When Miss Stephanie, the school teacher, is found asleep, her left hand rests atop 3 books. The top is prominently bookmarked: The Eclectic First Reader (1836) bookmarked at Lesson XXX The Snow Dog and Boy.
  • Miss Stephanie mentions that the kids have talked about there being native american writings in caves nearby. It’s also brought up that the town has fewer children than before.
  • Nikoli discovers that the schoolhouse is haunted by many children from a variety of time periods.
  • Strange Indian man wandered into town a few weeks back. Seemed drunk and confused, and was wearing archaic Indian clothing.
  • Geni’s husband (Norman, glasser) out on business trips. So busy that he missed his young boy’s funeral. Geni has been suffering dizzy spells. Dr. Miller gave her medicine for it.
  • Sarah Goodfield’s boy Frank, the one that originally approached the investigators when they first entered the city, returned home and is now acting as if everything is fine.
  • Nicolas, little Johnny, and Victor know about the caves with Indian markings.
  • Tall black haired man in non-descript clothing seen leaving party’s rooms. Had several hundred dollars in $1s and $5s. Small rice-shaped object with tentacles, parasite, found in hole in arm.
  • Parasite thing produced light when Angus tried to control it.
  • Nikoli drawn to boarded up and closed shop near Dr. Miller’s by sounds of woman and child laughing.
  • Gretel, the librarian, tells of a man who came to town several months back; for several days he scoured through the books in the Science and Natural Sciences section making notes. When he left she noticed 6 books he had left behind. When he didn’t return, she put them on the shelves. They were full of strange diagrams and formulas: Mechanical Engineering; Physics and Dynamics, DC power vs AC power, and others.
  • A creepy doll with mouth sewn shut and tongue brutally torn out is “presented” to Nikoli by the rabbit masked jumpy doll from the Barnum campaign. The doll indicates her name is Gretel, that she took something from Frau Trude that cannot be returned, that Frau Trude riding her cat caught her and cursed her, and that her brother Hansel is dead. In order to speak she needs a “child tongue”, but told the investigators “do not harm a child”.

Resolved Clues

  • A large raven, or ravens, has been watching the party’s movements. First spotted at the railway in Fairfield; next as they boarded the carriage to Williamstown.
  • Adopted by Elizabeth Miller and partially raised by John Seiler the third. Evidence of a secret native american wedding is found in Elizabeth’s abandoned home along with a photo of Dr. Seiler and a young Dr. Miller and Silver “S” cufflinks (which can been seen in a photo of Dr. Seiler in Dr. Miller’s house.)
  • An unkempt teenager approached Elmer desperately seeking escape from town.
  • The teenager said “no one believes me” about the things he has seen happening in town. He became spooked when he saw the sheriff approaching, and ran off quickly.
  • Elmer dreams of funeral rites and an old Indian man smoking a pipe. He is attacked and stabbed with a spear by a brave before he can talk with the old man.
  • Nikoli dreams of a young girl with golden hair running in the woods and turning older with every step. She is attacked by a small humanoid figure that screams " I’ve got you now!"
  • Raven sighted on building watching party as they re-visit Mary at the doctor’s house.

List of Clues

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