Mary McMullin

Sorry about earlier today, but I had a bit of an emergency on my hands. Seems one of the Loghaires hands, Aiden, nearly cut his own leg off chopping wood. Lucky thing, too; Meave was heading out there to give him a drink when she saw him just standing there with the axe in one hand and looking down at his leg while he was bleeding out. She wrapped it up quick and tight, threw him over one of the cattle, and drove him up here. I think the cold saved him, ‘cause it’s a blessing he survived. He lost a lot of blood, and was obviously in shock. (laugh) Poor dear kept asking why I was sewing up his leg like he was clothing.

When I first arrived, I learned of poor Mr. Keepsake’s mother. Seems she took ill just after Christmas, the same morning Dr. Miller left to pick up supplies. It was about 8am when Victor noticed her disoriented, and dreamy-like. She had a fever, and barely seemed to recognize him. The doc is usually only gone a couple days, but when he hadn’t returned on the 30th Victor sent for the Raubsville doctor, but he couldn’t help. She got worse as the days went by, and finally died after about a week.

Several days later, a young boy, I think his name was Frank, came to me worried about his parents. He said they seemed disoriented, and were acting strange. He was worried they might be getting “the dementia”. I asked him to describe what they were doing, and nothing sounded too serious. So I told him to keep an eye on them, and bring them in if they got worse – or, if they were too bad, to come get me and I’d make a call. I figure they probably just ate some bad grain or dried mushrooms. Happens this time of year. Grain can go bad some times and make people act a little off. And mushrooms can turn. Anyway, I haven’t seen him since, and didn’t think too much. But then, that night, when there was a fight at the saloon:

In late Jan 27, about 10pm, a man was brought in Bear Roughman and two other men, with a compound fracture of the arm. The man must have been completely drunk, because I set the bone and he didn’t wince at all – acted like he didn’t even feel the pain. And he seemed very confused, and kept saying strange things like: “You should not hit the face” and “I gave no challenge”.

When the men left and after cleaning up, I decided I’d better report the incident to the Sheriff. But, when I got there the Deputy said he had already left with 2 other men. They said there was trouble at the Saloon, so he was heading there. So, I went to the Saloon, but the Sheriff wasn’t there. So, I decided to wait, and had a drink. I heard talk of some strange men that had been frequenting the saloon, but couldn’t catch any details. After a few drinks, the saloon was getting ready to close. So, I decided to head back to the Sheriff’s office and if he still wasn’t back I’d leave a message with the Deputy. But as when I got there, I saw the Sheriff walking into town through the Northern gate. I approached him and he seemed a bit confused, like he didn’t know me. It was late, and I thought maybe I had just had too much to drink, so I went home to sleep.

The next day I talked to the Sheriff and he seemed better, but still something wasn’t quite right. I mulled things over all day, but by late afternoon, I was decided things just weren’t right. So, I typed a letter and took it to the telegraph office.

Mary’s Concerns

  • the doctor went missing, and there are still no signs of him
  • old woman takes ill and is disoriented while the Doctor is late in returning, and still hasn’t returned
  • young boy’s parents acting ill and disoriented
  • stranger with a compound fracture acts like he feels little pain, seems disoriented
  • Sheriff acting weird – seems to be slightly disoriented
  • new deputies arrive in town, and seem to be searching for something.

Mary McMullin

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