Mr Loughman

The store front contains a large 4’ square window to the left of the door that showcases shelves of shoes (right shoe only). A large beautifully crafted sign on the door reads: “Two day service guaranteed. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special orders welcome. Open Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm.”

The store is indeed open! Shelving along the left wall showcases a collection of right shoes: everything from simple sandals, to fancy boots. To the right is the “fitting station”: 2 chairs with small tables beside them. At the back wall is a long counter and cash register, with a door to the back of the building to the right. Sitting on the counter is book containing sketches of various shoe types and embellishments. Behind the counter sits an odd looking man: his face is slightly gray and warty, his arms are quite hairy, his hands are rough and bumpy with oddly long fingers. His name is Brady – he speaks eloquently and kindly, although his voice is a bit raspy. Regardless, he is quite charming!

Brady records all in-store placed orders, and measures customers’ feet, offering them a drink while they wait (he is diligent and the process takes roughly 15 minutes as he gathers the most detailed and exacting measurements imaginable).

Mr. Loughman warned the investigators about the upcoming cold winters: “You have to get ready for the winter. It’s going to be a cold one! And next year, well, it’s going to be horrible!”

When Mr. Loughman learned where the investigators are going, he said: Ah, you’re going to Williams Township, are you. I’d be greatly obliged if you could deliver these for me … to a Miss U’na Shea O’ Doule. They are already paid for, but I was concerned for how I would deliver them safely."

He handed Angus a small cardboard box, folded shut. Inside was a small pair of leather deck shoes with flat soles – perfect size for a 2-3 month old infant.


Mr Loughman

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