Raubsville Cemetery

The Irish caretaker, Lochlann Ultan Taggart, is short (5’ 6"), but well built and muscular. He is dirty from working, but cleans himself regularly so he is by no means filthy or stinky. His hair is messy with landscaping debris. He occasionally draws from a silver flask with screw top lid on a chain, decorated with an inscribed Celtic Cross.


He will offer his condolences, for he assumes they are here to visit Bernice Keepsake’s (Williamstown The General Store) grave (Aug 14, 1930 – Jan 3, 1897).

He has sent the boys off to tend to Bernice’s gravesite. It seems the animals have found smelled her and started digging. The boys are to clean up the site, and spread cougar urine to dissuade the animals.

Inspection of the surrounding area will reveal heavy boot prints frozen into the cold earth. Following these (with tracking) will lead to an area behind a large bush where more boot prints and gouge marks from a shovel can be found.

The caretaker also knows that Elizabeth was a good woman, and her father was a respected reverend. Her and her father are buried next to the Seiler family’ plots.

The Seiler family tombstones are well-kept inside a wooden enclosure among beautiful maple trees, and small shrubbery:
1. Dr. Johann Peter Seiler ~ a.k.a. ~ “Zeyler – The Great Pow-Wow”. Sept 26, 1721 – Jan 8, 1803.
1. Anna Margartha Seiler (Maurer) Jan 19, 1726 – July 23, 1810

2. Dr. Peter Seiler, Jr May 26, 1770 – May 14, 1862
2. Anna Margaret Seiler (Laubach) 1770 – 1856

3. Abraham Seiler (1802 – 1844)
3. Dr. John Peter Seiler III Jan 8, 1809 – Aug 22, 1868 (bachelor)

Just on the other side of the fence and very near John Seiler III, is a tombstone marked: Elizabeth Jean Miller “Loving Mother and Beloved Daughter” Mar 23, 1814 – Nov 11, 1868.

On both Dr. John Peter Seiler III’s and Elizabeth’s tombstones, finely etched and near to the ground, is the Delaware Indian word for ‘Parent’ followed by J. J. M.

There is an empty grave spot next to Elizabeth’s, followed by her father’s. Her father’s is decorated with embossed rose vines and doves and reads: In Memory of Rev. Charles Peter Miller, July 3, 1795 – Jan 7, 1865. Loving Father and Respected Clergyman.

Simon Marshall is also buried here, in a quaint spot under a large oak in the South East corner of the graveyard. A simple 1’ tall tombstone reads: Simon Marshall ~ born Aug 2, 1860 ~ died Aug 15, 1878

Raubsville Cemetery

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