Role playing Reminders

  1. Sit back and let others play. Don’t hog the spotlight. If a situation calls for a skill that is someone else’s specialty, let them handle it. Whenever you hear yourself saying: “I’m going to try that too,” STOP! If it’s not your specialty, let the specialist enjoy the spotlight.

  2. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you start arguing with an NPC, they will argue back. If you start insulting an NPC, they will insult you back. If you try to punch an NPC, they will try to punch you back. If you try to stab or shoot an NPC, they will try to kill you too. And if they can’t do it now, they will find you sometime later (or maybe their friend will). Before you start bullying an NPC think: “Is this what a person trying to achieve my goal would do in real life?” Most likely, the answer is NO.

  3. Don’t be a brick wall. Everyone has ideas, and everyone should feel free to share them. However, if the others disagree with your idea, even after you’ve clarified a point or two, don’t keep trying to convince them. It’s really annoying and only serves to waste time and break the feel of the game. Accept the group decision and move on.

  4. Sometimes the way is blocked. If an NPC is not telling you what you want to know, or not allowing you to do something you want to do, find another way to achieve your goal. For example: if the Secretary says she will not allow you to see the Mayor, and you’ve tried nicely to convince her it is important, WALK AWAY! Don’t try to bully or threaten her. Accept the fact that “this way is blocked”, and figure out something different to try. Perhaps, simply wait outside the building until the Mayor leaves to go home and approach him then. There’s always another way, and sometimes there’s more fun in figuring out how to go around a road block then simply trying to bash your way through it.

  5. Revenge is a bitch! Don’t be a dick. If you piss off someone with information, that information is lost! You are supposed to be playing good characters; good characters don’t treat other people like shit; good characters don’t purposely break or steal other’s things; good characters don’t do rash and hurtful things just because they are frustrated or have run out of ideas. Sit back, take a deep breath, and discuss other options with the group.

  6. People argue, and some people don’t like each other. Sometimes people will get into a fight, but actual physical fights is typically quite rare with adults. And even in these cases, NO ONE PULLS A KNIFE OR GUN! It’s just not done, because most people are not murderers. If you were in a bar in downtown Seattle and got into a fight with someone, you might throw a few punches, but then that would be it. Unless one of you is a hardened criminal, no one would be pulling out fatality causing weapons.

  7. At most, there may be 1 or 2 scenes where pulling a weapon might be helpful. But for the majority of the game, there are better solutions. If your about to pull your weapon, STOP and think: “Is there something better I could be doing?” If you’re not sure what else to do, don’t do anything and let one of the other investigators handle it. Know your character’s strengths and weaknesses, and when the situation is outside of your expertise, stay out of it and let the expert handle it.

  8. Shut up! When another investigator is talking to an NPC, let them have the stage. Regardless how much you want to interject some witty or clarifying statement, keep quiet! You can always out of character remind the other player, or suggest something to say, but your characters should keep their mouth shut. Everyone will have opportunities to converse with NPCs. When it’s not your turn, let the other player handle the conversation without interruption.

  9. Rewind! Don’t be afraid to stop the game when another player says or does something you find questionable. Of course, this should be held to only critical matters, and perhaps after discussion the action will still stand. But don’t allow an off the cuff remark or fast and bad judgement call to have devastating consequences on the rest of the game.

  10. Have fun; joke around. But when the mood is tense, keep it tense.

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Role playing Reminders

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