Sean O' Connor


Sleeps where he can, often at the church, and bathes when he remembers.

Paranoid, schizophrenic, hears and sees things. He is actually being plagued for stealing prayer beads from Elizabeth’s Book Store and Faith Shoppe. However, he didn’t actually steal them. He had placed an order on Nov 2, 1868 and paid for them on the same day. A copy of a his receipt is still under the cash drawer, among other various receipts. It reads: “one fancy prayer bead necklace, $1. Reverend Sean O’ Connor – paid in full, Nov 2, 1868.” with Elizabeth’s initials beneath.

When Elizabeth died, not wanting to bother poor John Miller with business at a time like this, he took the beads. Upon leaving the shop and heading home, he was immediately beset with bad luck. Bad luck continued into harassment, and he began drinking.

The pooka continues to harass him on a regular basis, keeping him on the brink of insanity. He lost his left eye to one such “prank” when it was stabbed by a carelessly dropped pointy stick.

Sean O' Connor

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