The Bath and Rest House

Upon opening the door, the room smells like lavender and wine. The room is filled with plush couches, large bean-bag type pillows, and small tables with pitchers of water and pewter mugs. Small shelves on two opposite walls contain burning candles that are giving off the scent. Six seductive girls sit about on the couches and pillows. A man wearing nothing but shorts acts shy as he pulls a robe loosely around himself. The madam is a large, but fair faced woman – she answers the door to greet customers and make them feel welcome.

Two of the prostitutes from the previous Feast of Fish campaign are here. The man is Priest Jeremy Feist from the “Lady of the Sacred Heart church in Fairfield”.

Sister Ellie – knows The School teacher Miss Stephanie Colton ‘very well’.

Sister Margaret

Father Jeremy Feist

The Bath and Rest House

Sleepy Little Township jimmorte