The Blacksmith

Niklaus (Nicolas) – German Blacksmith, early 30’s.

He is large, muscular, thick skinned, and very sexy. He talks with a gruff voice, but is actually kind-hearted. The shop contains gates, grilles, railings, lighting fixtures, metal furniture, agricultural implements and tools, weather cock, nails, horseshoes, chain, cooking utensils, and simple weapons such as knives, axes, and hammers.

The building across the street holds the forge. It has an open front, but is warm inside. In the center is the forge, which is always burning. It is guarded by a large dark brown female bullmastiff. A 2 month puppy also runs about, already 1.5 feet high and roughly 50 pounds.


Employs The Leathersmith to do harness, bridle, saddle, and other leather-based work as needed.

He, Victor, and Johnny used to play in an old Indian site. “Johnny and I found a cave with really strange symbols in it. They were obviously Indian, but not letters or words – they were pictographs with strange triangles, wavy lines, and stuff. To find it, leave by the South Gate. There’s a road East to the Stables – go past this, and to the right will be an old path. Follow it close to the mountain and past the Giant’s Graveyard. Continue on, and after awhile you will start seeing pictographs of people, stars, and strange symbols. Just beyond a large rock with a circle within circles is a path that winds up about 100’ or so to a hidden cave. But I wouldn’t go at night. It’s in the ancient Indian burial grounds. And you don’t want to be climbing up rocks when it’s dark.”

The Blacksmith

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