The Diner

Owner: Hilde, an old and large Prussian woman.

Cute decor, with table cloths with flowers, flowers painted on the walls, and fresh flowers on the tables in tiny vases. Her specialty is turnip sandwiches. She also makes astounding soups: vegetable with barley, seafood chowder including various fish and blue crab.

She grows her own flowers.

She knows that the ladies play cards at The Women’s Emporium every Sunday at around noon.

She also knows a great deal about Dr. John Miller.

One of her curtain rods hangs miserably from brackets torn out of the wall. She’s tried to fix it herself, but has just made it worse. She used to have a handy man, but he disappeared about a year ago:
"I had a right nice handy man. He took off last spring, something about family troubles. I’m not sure what happened with his wife and son, but I know she used to play cards with the other women at Nellie’s (The Women’s Emporium). Seems no one else much worried he was gone – (whispers) he’s a negroid. If your friend is handy, he could probably find himself a job; some of the other ladies need help with their shops too. His house is abandoned, and I’m sure no one would care much if your friend just moved into it.

The Diner

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