The General Store


Opening the front door rings a loud bell that hangs from a short bar fixed to the top of the door frame. Shelves and tables line the walls, and contain almost every manner of common goods: from food stores to travelling gear to common household supplies.

A long counter separates the back left half of the store – behind is a 5’ area with shelves and a cash register on a lower table. Shelves contain jars of candy and tobacco, as well as boxes of cigarettes and jars of cigars.

On the wall behind the counter is a painting of men on horseback holding rifles and surrounding three wounded and incapacitated buffalo. A necklace holding a collection of 5 human scalps with long, black, braided hair hangs from the neck of one of the men.

The shop-keep is rough and gruff. His mother recently died, and he is angry that Dr. Miller was not in town, calling him a cheapskate for going to Easton himself to get supplies instead of just having them delivered. Blames the doctor for the death of his mother – “She was old, but she wasn’t ready yet. If he wasn’t so cheap, they’d probably both still be alive. I never understood why he had to go get his own supplies. Why didn’t he just have them delivered?”

The shop-keep also owns two buildings facing North St of 8 12′ × 12′ boarding rooms (4×2), all with exterior doors, an in-door lock, and a single shuttered and latch-able window on the back wall. They are single small rooms, quaint and relatively clean: a simple mattress in the far corner; a small table a chair; a wash basin and chamber pot. Simple skeleton keys are kept in a drawer, each has a tag with the room number tied to the head: 1 – 8. Careful inspection of multiple keys will reveal that all keys are cut with the same extremely simple cut, although Victor warns that he will have to charge dearly for the loss of a key, since the Blacksmith will have to come an re-key the lock to make new keys.



  • Room $1 per night, $5 per week
  • Blanket: 50 cents for the length of the stay
  • Lantern: 25 cents, plus 10 cents per oil fill (every 24 hours of burning – roughly 3 days)
  • Clean sheets: 25 cents
  • Clean towel: 10 cents
  • Pillow: 25 cents
  • Wood for stove: 10 cents per day
  • Coal for stove: 25 cents per day
  • Breakfast (bread, fruit, oats): 25 cents per day – delivered by a 12 year old working boy
  • Dinner (meat in broth, bread, root vegetable): 75 cents per day – delivered by a 12 year old working boy
  • Lost Key: $2

The General Store

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