The Library

Williamstown Public Library

45′ × 45′ hexagonal brick building. A plaque next to the door reads: “Erected 1813”.


The ground floor contains standard library books in Dewey Decimal system order. Several small tables with lanterns and chairs sit scattered about the center of the room. In the back left corner is a small table and chair facing the room; on the table sits a Daugherty typewriter. An advertisement is posted on the wall behind the chair, and beneath that a notice regarding usage cost:


Please Pay Before Use
Paper: 2¢ per page
Typing: 5¢ per 3 pages


A stairwell along the back right wall leads to the second floor, which contains public records, and reference materials: birth records, marriage records, business licenses, legal petitions, geological surveys, and topological surveys. A rectangular ceiling panel with round ring handle on one end is in the far back section of the ceiling, but 8 feet up. Pulling down on the ring will bring the panel down, exposing a stair that can be unfolded to gain entrance to the attic space.

The librarian, Gretel, is a large elderly German woman with thin graying hair. She has small black eyes and thin puckered lips, which makes her look snippy. Black handled reading glasses sit on her desk beside several papers and a novel.


  • Gretel tells of a man who came to town several months back; for several days he scoured through the books in the Science and Natural Sciences section making notes. When he left she noticed 6 books he had left behind. When he didn’t return, she put them on the shelves. They were full of strange diagrams and formulas: Mechanical Engineering; Physics and Dynamics, DC power vs AC power, and one other yet to be disclosed book.
  • Nikoli discovers a section in the Science and Natural Sciences section with a few missing books and a few unexpected books: Dynamics and Change Systems, Electromagnetism, Inductive and Conductive Systems – a Case Study.
  • In public records can be found a marriage certificate for John Peter Seiler III and Elizabeth Jean Miller on Jun 12, 1857. Ceremony held by the Reverend Johann Tammamend, and witnessed by Judd Avery Crannel, Hildegard Rumbacher, and Simon John Plant. Stamped and marked as “registered document #327”. Also, a birth certificate for John Johann Miller born on July 10, 1857, stating the birth mother as Elizabeth Jean Miller and father as John Peter Seiler III, signed and marked as “document No. 362”.

The Library

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