The Mail and Telegraph Office

The entry way is 15’ deep, with 2 tables with 3 chairs each along the right hand wall. Beyond those in the right corner is an L-shaped counter that divides off a 10’ wide x 15’ deep area; to the left of the counter is a desk and single chair.

Telegraphs are not actually sent from this office. Instead, they are delivered to the Easton Mail and Telegraph Office and sent from there. In addition, it is highly recommended to type the actual message to be sent, so there are no mistakes. A typewriter can be found in The Library and is available for a minimal cost.

The interior side of the counter contains shelves.

Boxes line the far wall next to a table in the right corner that holds a small notepad, pen, and lamp. In the left corner is an old 3’ long chest.

The Mail and Telegraph Office

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