The Pawn Shop


Owner is Wessel Rooter (59) – German. He has broad, squared shoulders, squared head, and shaved graying 1" black hair. His eyes are almost black and piercing.

Among the items is a Seward Trunk, with the initials J. P. S. III inscribed on the metal key plate. It is locked with a fine internal lock (locksmith at 1/2). He will claim that the chest belonged to Dr. John Peter Seiler III. The trunk was pawned to him by Dr. Gray Knightly shortly after he came to town to be the new doctor. Unfortunately, it did not come with the key, “but you can contact the company with the serial number to get a new key for about $5.” The trunk is empty, but careful examination will discover several incredibly long blond hairs.


Also, in the toy section, is a creepy rabbit doll with cloth clothing and a leather mask holding another creepy doll in its lap. The other doll has long, red hair, a frilly dress, and has it’s mouth sewn shut.


If the shopkeeper learns of the rabbit doll being visible, he will be angry: “Those darn kids. They think it’s funny to put it up front – scares the crap out of people. I’ve had that thing for years, but don’t remember exactly where it came from.” He has no knowledge of purchasing the creepy red-haired doll."

If the mask is removed from the rabbit doll, beneath is a grimacing gaunt face of a young boy, with skin so dried it looks like wood.

The red-haired doll has small pieces of dried dead leaves, tiny twigs and dried grass in her hair and clothing. If she is touched, she will turn her head, widen her eyes pitifully, and try to mouth the words: “help me”.

The Pawn Shop

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