The Saloon

Stephen Darian – Barkeep


The room is filled with a haphazard arrangement of tables and chairs. The left front corner holds a large circular table with 8 chairs around it – in the evenings, it typically houses card players. 5 card draw is the typical game of choice.

The right front corner holds a large piano. A young man (Jackson Payworth) with black bowler hat, white shirt with red arm band, and black-backed/red-front vest plays on the weekends. He plays extremely well, but investigators are told that “he gets tired later in the evening and doesn’t play as well.”

A long [ shaped bar sits along the back wall, with swing-top counter entrance on both sides. On the wall behind the bar hangs a large bison head mounted on a fancy wood plaque. Next to the bar on each side is a fireplace and a plentiful stack of wood.

Available drinks are: dark beer, pale beer, whiskey, corn moonshine, mead, apple jack, water. He also serves a fine, watery stew.

The barkeep (Stephen Darian) will tell that three strangers had frequented the Saloon a several weeks back. They never ordered anything, and appeared to be flat broke. They disappeared for about three weeks, then showed up again – only now they seemed to be loaded with cash. They would buy tons of food and drink, and then barely touch it – like they didn’t much care about the money. About two and a half weeks later, Brutus’ started a bit of a fight, and they haven’t seen the men since.

"These new deputies came to town shortly after that. Folk say they sometimes leave late at night and don’t come back til early morning. They think there must be gold or something out there that they’re looking for: you know, because of those men that had tons of cash, and now the deputies are out looking for something. But it doesn’t make sense because the men had cash bills, not gold.

The Saloon

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