Douglas' Epilogue

Day 1 (Feb 18)

Douglas lay on the bed with thick blankets covering him up to his nose: “The Protector is dead. I know he’s dead, I saw him kill himself. Then again, maybe it was just a trick. After all, if he can turn into a human, or a wolf, then maybe he could make it look like he had ripped out his throat. Is it possible? Could he still be alive?”
“Douglas, are you going with me?” Annie asked.
“No, I don’t feel well. You should stay here. We should pack and go back to Fairfield.”
“Fine,” Annie replied. “I’ll be back later tonight. Take care of the dogs while I’m gone.”
I need to sleep. Yes, get some rest. I’ll feel better after I get some rest.

“Douglas!” Annie sounded angry. “Why haven’t you fed the dogs!”
Douglas awoke with a stir. “What? Oh, i …” but then he thought, “Is that really Annie?” He watched her intently as she fed and watered the dogs. “I think we should head back tomorrow,” he said.
“Okay,” Annie replied. “But I have to go to the Rock again tomorrow, first. Are you going with me?”
“She’s trying to trick me. She’s trying to take me … wait. The new Protector is on our side. No, everything’s fine. Annie’s fine. I just need some rest.”
“No,” Douglas replied. “I need to get some rest. I really don’t feel well.”

Day 2 (Feb 19)

“Douglas, I’m heading out. It’s 2 pm. Are you going to stay in bed all day?”
“I’m still not feeling well.”
“Well, don’t forget to feed and water the dogs.”

“Douglas! Did you even get out of bed? It stinks in here! Help me clean all this up?”
“Oh god, how can I know that’s really Annie? What if they’ve replaced her?” “Okay, I’m up.”
“Good, I’m going to go get some dinner for us both. I’ll help with the mess when I’m back.”
“Okay, that sounds like Annie. I’m fine.”

Day 3 (Feb 20)

“Douglas, it’s 1 o’ clock. You should really get up. Do you need anything?”
“Yes, some lunch would be good.”
“Great. I brought you something from Ma’s Diner – seafood chowder. It’s really good. You should really get outside today; you don’t look well. Oh, and don’t forget to take care of the dogs.”
“I really want to get back to Fairfield. I have investments I need to check on.”
“Yes, I know. Let’s pack tonight and leave in the morning.”
“Okay.” “Whew! Finally! I really need to get out of here.”

“Douglas! Have you been sleeping all day? What’s wrong with you? Should I get Mary?”
“What’s going on? Have I been asleep all day? What’s that smell – aw, the dogs, again. They’ve messed all over the room, again. So why is Annie being so nice? This doesn’t seem like Annie.”
“Douglas, get up. Here, drink this. I’m going to go get Mary.”
“Oh my god! Why is she being so nice? What is she giving me; is it poison?” “No, I’m fine – just really … uhm … exhausted. Maybe I should go see Mary.”
“Oh, yes, that’s a good idea,” Annie replied, taking a swig of whiskey from the flask she had offered Douglas. “You should clean up this mess while I go get some dinner for us. But, before I go. I’ve got this cool new test kit – got it from the Anu. It identifies what species certain blood comes from – you know, dog blood vs. cat vs. human vs. wolf, and such. Give me your arm – I need to take some blood.”
“Whew! I’m safe. It’s Annie.”

Douglas' Epilogue

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