Raubsville Methodist Episcopal Church


The church appears to have been abandoned for nearly 30 years.

On the left side is a boot mat and scraping bar, followed by a long coat rack, and then a large bookcase containing old dusty bibles, folded cloths, candles, booster boards, a water/wine pitcher, several mugs, and a small iron plate. Also, on the highest shelf, are food scraps, bottles of liquor, and hard bread. Beyond the shelves is a moderately large wood burning stove with chimney to the roof, and several logs and a pile of kindling mixed with dried leaves lying beside it.

On the right hand side are 5 rows of 7 person pews. One in the center has 2 battered, dirty, smelly blankets. This is where Sean O’ Connor spends many nights.

At the far end is a beautiful pulpit.

Raubsville Methodist Episcopal Church

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