Bison Information

Used to populate from near west coast to near east coast: furthest east was the entire state of PA and north into NY.

Original population est. 20 to 30 million; population in 1880 395,000; population in 1889 541. Range diminished to a thin vertical band in the mid west from northern Texas up into Alberta Canada. Population has been driven to near extinction and their range dramatically reduced by 1870.

Lifespan is: 18-22 years in the wild; over 30 years in captivity (bison facts) – 15 years in the wild; 25 years in captivity (wikipedia)
Calves nurse for typically 7 to 12 month (but sometimes for 18 months), and are not mature until 3 years – typically unsuccessful at mating until 5 years.
height 6 to 6.5 feet at the shoulder
length 10-12.5 feet
weight 900-2000 lbs (females weigh slightly less than the males)

range prior to 1870
range after 1870
bison facts


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