Raubsville Caves

The White Pine is known by Indians as the Tree of Peace.

The path to the “Cave of Those Who Have Served” begins with two rocks carved with drummers that sit on each side of a path up the hillside.

As the path winds and splits, rocks with images of other musicians and dancers will lead the way.





Inside the cave is a horrific scene of slaughtered wolves. A male lies against the right wall; the facial fur is coated with dried blood. It suffers claw marks and a broken neck. Further back on the left wall is another male with contusions, broken rib cage, and a broken neck. In the far right corner is a she-wolf, also with facial fur coated with blood. She too suffers claw marks, and her head is twisted full around. Scattered about her are five 9 month-old pups; all with their necks broken and one with its skull crushed and deep claw puncture wounds in its cheek. Throughout the cave are patches of blood.

Small and large boulders lie haphazardly throughout the cave, most lying against the walls. The floor along the walls is also littered with dead and rotting leaves mixed with dirt.

On the near left wall is a picture of the Witch’s Head. Images surround of strange tall ant-look people, humans, and dinosaurs surround the rock. An arrow points to the center with the Lenape symbol for “healer”.

On the near right wall is a table of sorts, which begins with the definition of 1 Ktin:

20 K’tin 1 Winal
18 Winal 1 Tun
20 Tun 1 Katun
20 Katun 1 Baktun
20 Baktun 1 Piktun
2 Piktun image of solar system and distant planet


Further in, Lenape writing covers the left and right walls. Examination will reveal that it is the same text. The content is indecipherable to most, but a successful history or anthropology roll of North Eastern Indian will reveal that it is an Indian script. A successful easy Other Language will reveal a few basic words; a normal check will reveal the full context:
Easy success:
“Let him that has eyes see. Let him that has ? speak. Let him that has ears hear.
Let him that has ? ?. Let him that has ? rule.
Let them who have died rest. Let them that have served rest ?.
Let them that love wisdom know the laws of them that have served.
Let the new servants and voices of H’yig ? serve and follow the cycle.
Let them teach for ? Katun and rest for ? Katun, ? cycles to honor the god H’yig
? cycles to prepare for the return of Tsathoggua.”

A large pile of rubble lies along the center of the back wall. Successful Geology will reveal that this pile could not have occurred naturally from any sort of rock slide, or other event. If the large pile of rubble is disturbed, it will reveal a small 3.5′ × 3.5′ opening in the wall. The passage leads in about 10’ before opening into a larger 12′×20′ circular room. The passage is covered with web-like silk and tiny black beetles. As investigators are climbing through, they may feel some of the beetles crawling on their skin. A failed luck roll will result in 1d3 beetles climbing into an ear or nose opening causing a terrible incessant and maddening itch and anxiety: SANITY 0/1d3.

The walls are pale, with beautifully engraved writing in the left and right walls. The engravings are in English script, followed by Lenape script, and read:

Left 12’ Wall

  • Guidelines for the continued co-existence of peoples: year 1814
  • 1. Maintain humankind below 500,000,000 in continued balance with nature.
  • 2. Breed wisely fostering health and diversity.
  • 3. Unite all humankind with communication and understanding.
  • 4. Regulate passions, beliefs, traditions, and all things with temperance and reason.
  • 5. Govern populations with equality, unbiased laws, and impartial judgments.

Right 12’ Wall

  • 6. Allow all peoples to govern themselves, and all external disputes to be governed by impartial mediators.
  • 7. Discount and discard petty laws and ineffective governors.
  • 8. Balance personal rights with social responsibilities.
  • 9. Treasure honesty, beauty, and love, seeking harmony with nature and all living things.
  • 10. Be not a sickness on the earth – respect and preserve nature and all living things.

Opposite the opening is a flat walls with two large statues standing on each end.

The wall contains 12 burial niches (3×4) with an engraving above all in Lenape script, and reads:

  • These who are the Voice of God have served all people well. Let them rest undisturbed the full cycle of H’Yig: in quiet contemplation and restfulness. Upon the 21st cycle, when the long count of days is renewed, let them find completeness and be reborn.

Five skeletons are laid out in the alcoves, from bottom left up. All have a single round amulet placed upon their chest, except the top center one. All look human, except they have elongated heads with large eye socket, and clawed hands and feet – similar to the statues. SANITY CHECK: 0/1d3.

Raubsville Caves

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